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Tented Safari

Drunken Elephant Mara welcomes you to the luxury tented camps of Kenya. 

Kenya’s exploration will become fun and pleasant if you choose to stay in tented camps during your safari. People who love traveling will find tented safari camps to be a very unique way to enjoy their Kenya vacation. Tented camps are sure to give immense pleasure to travel lovers. It is a unique experience to stay in camps. The experience of staying in camps while you are on a safari can never be experienced anywhere else. It is the best way to explore nature and its beauty from so close contact. 

Drunken Elephant Mara is the one-stop tented camp company to offers luxurious and eco-friendly rental tents to visitors. For years and years, we have been in this industry and always keep winning customers’ hearts by making their camp adventure first-class. We make their holiday memorable for ever. When you have made up your mind about camp stays choose no other than us to book a tent from because the quality of camp service, we provide is unbeatable and reliable. We keep all the factors in mind which customers expect to receive, from comfortability to their safety we make everything perfect for our visitors. 

Tented Safari

Book Tented Camps in Kenya from Drunken Elephant Mara: There are different types of safari tents. We have basic campsite where you can hire a tent and sleeping bag from us if needed which are the normal ones like those ordinary tented camps, having shared bathrooms and toilets. Then, comes our semi-luxury tents which are semi-permanent structures having wooden or stone floors with double or twin beds, ensuite bathrooms & toilets with hot showers and flush toilet facilities. Our semi-luxury tented camps have patio areas as well. Our camp is outside the Maasai Mara National Reserve, a mere 5 minute drive to the Sekenani Main Gate. You will have a great time in our tented camp, which is safe to stay in. You will enjoy every moment in our tents.

Tented Safari

Now, take a look at the activities you can try while you are on your Kenya safari. You can try out hot air balloon activities, horse riding, nature walks, game drives, and Maasai village. Your Kenya visit is going to be super fun and all of Kenya’s experiences will be etched on your mind for a lifetime to cherish.

Talk with us and we will let you know which tented camp will meet your needs and preferences. Your experience with us will be super smooth.

For any queries, feel free to contact us. We are right here to address your queries.