Reasons For Endeavoring Jordan Tours

Jordan Tours

Jordan was frequently seen as the unbalanced brother of neighbors Egypt and Israel; where Egypt had old marvels and the rambling Nile, Israel had present day engineering and a blasting economy. Anyway, as of late, Jordan has been gradually requesting more consideration due to the Jordan tours that we at Jordan Private Tours and Travels are organizing. Our tours give you many opportunities to explore the natural wonders, fascinating history and experience the warm hospitality of the people of Jordan.

Dana Nature Reserve

Places that you must not miss

There are plenty of places of tourist interest that Jordan has in the offering. Our organized Jordan travel make possible for you to visit all. There are certain places that you should not miss when you desire to have the best of Jordan visit.

Wadi Mujib

Settled alongside the Dead Sea, Wadi Mujib gorge is something of a characteristic water stop. Seven tributaries course through it to the Dead Sea carrying with it a huge range of biodiversity. It’s an incredible place to put in day climbing trails. We make possible for you to have such an experience through our Jordan tours.

Dead Sea

As the most minimal land spot on Earth, the Dead Sea is one to add to the bucket list for your Jordan travel, in the event that you have not as of now. There truly is no experience like easily drifting in the salty water, however be watchful – on the off chance that you’ve any cuts or touches from days investigating the desert, you’ll before long discover! Jordan’s Dead Sea coastline is at present just populated by a bunch of resorts, making it significantly more unwinding than the Israeli side. You can expect the most amazing experience when you are with us during our Jordan tours.



Once the stronghold, of the talented Nabataean people Petra is renowned for its massive carved architecture and its ingenious pools, dams and water channels. Over 2000 years later, Petra is one of the Middle East’s most significant sites of antiquity. Our Jordan tours give you the opportunity to explore all with comfort and within your budget.

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