Some facts helping to have best of tented safaris in Masai Mara

Your tent safari to Africa is a critical achievement in your life. Yet, it tends to be befuddling settling on the best-tent safari experience, and you certainly do not have to burn through every cent to bear the cost of this once-in-a-lifetime vacation. There are reputed tour operators who have safari tents in Masai Mara to make it possible for you to have the best adventurous safari experience.

Get familiar with every one of the helpful things you need to realize when picking your tented safari.

Safari Tents Maasai Mara

It might appear challenging to move away from work and the burdens of everyday daily existence, yet it is urgent to re-energize and renew you. It will help you confront life with more clarity and vigor than previously. A tented African experience can do this for you. There is an enchanted thing about setting up a shelter or going through evenings in a tent in nature.

What is a Tented Camp?

Fundamentally, it is like setting up camp for staying at night in a tent; you go through your evenings from the hurrying around of city life and the substantial wilderness – in a peaceful spot. It is from where you can hear and see natural life passing by or encompassing you. It is an enchanted encounter.

While camping in Masai Mara is an incredible spending decision for individuals who need to be close to nature without forfeiting solace. However, having tent rentals in Masai Mara from reputed tour operators gives more conveniences to the individuals who desire to be near nature without losing an excessive amount of solace.

Tented camps, frequently known as ‘glamping,’ consolidate the best of setting up camp with the best of remaining in a lavish hotel.

Reasons to stay in a tented camp

A tented camp is a decent harmony between improvising in a regular tent and living far off from nature in a physical retreat for individuals who wish to partake in the crude greatness of Masai Mara. It is a credible encounter.

Everything from a comfortable bed to a private restroom to plugs to charge your cameras is what you are probably going to find underneath the material shelter of your tent.

What can you expect at a tented camp?

One of your fondest safari encounters can be sleeping in tented camps and the whole tenting experience. You can return to your campground following a hard day spent encountering the wild and enjoy a relaxed time. You will have an incredible feast ready by the team and partake in the dinner while lounging around the bursting pit fire as the sun sets over the Masai Mara reserve. However, the best part is hearing the sounds of lions thundering, birds tweeting, hyenas chuckling, and the untamed nighttime life coming to join the party. It will be like a lullaby putting you to sleep.

Tent Rentals Maasai Mara

Sleeping in a distant wild area encircled by nature while nestled into your bed or hiking bed is a precious memory that you will cherish forever.

Best time to visit

The long cool-dry season from July to October is the best season to visit Masai Mara and the costliest season. The shortfall of downpour implies that the greenery is less thick, so creatures are simpler to notice. Moreover, incest, including mosquitoes, is lower during the dry season. So plan your trip after talking with a reputed tour operator now.

The Drunken Elephant Mara is the ideal tour operator having safari tents in Masai Mara just two kilometers from the Masai Mara Reserve. You can have all modern amenities staying in their tents. You will love the experience and hospitality they offer. Dial +254 711 192 476 to have a word with them and plan your safari tour.