Why is it important to spend time at a tented camp during a safari trip?


Kenya’s magnificence draws in very nearly one a half million vacationers consistently hoping to detect the Big Five during The Great Migration or to unwind on the beaches of Lamu and Malindi. Furthermore, 2 million individuals visit national parks and game saves, including local Kenyans travelling inside their country.

Most guests will remain in comprehensive and completely catered lodges and camps, the scope of which has expanded drastically as of late.

While picking your safari convenience in Kenya, there are three choices: lodges, luxury tented camp or mobile tented camps.

Tented Safaris

Three reasons to stay at tented camps during a safari 

You may have stayed at lodges and mobile camps during safaris. Here are the reasons you ought to consider tented safaris in Kenya.

Staying surrounded by the African wilderness 

There is no rejecting that safaris are the rawest method to witness African wilderness. A tented safari allows you the opportunity to be much nearer to nature. When you are at Masai Mara National Reserve, it is wise to stay at such camps of reputed local tour operators. You would not have the experience of staying close to nature if you stayed at a hotel. There will be just a thick canvas between you and the natural life; tented camps are the ones bringing you nearest to the experience and adventure those first adventurers and safari explorers had.

Customized experience with complete adaptability

Tented camp offer the likelihood to fit your experience right to what you are searching for. As the camp is set up only for you, you can arrange the daily plan and the exercises to suit your necessities. For example, are you going with youngsters who might be excessively young for an expanded break in the bush? There is nothing to worry about; your guide can coordinate two vehicles. One returns to camp when the children become tired, while you can keep on following lions or have sundowners in the bush. Moreover, suppose you want to invest more energy in noticing particular kinds of untamed life. In that case, you are a wildlife photographer and would like to stand by before a tree for the panther to come down, regardless of whether that implies a whole evening in the vehicle without moving is not a problem. 

Tented Safaris

Tented safaris organized by reputed travel agencies are the best way to go on safari with unlimited choice. Of course, you could do that in a portion of the exceptionally extravagant hotels; however, you would likely need to pay for a private guide and vehicle, which could essentially expand the costs.

Cosy and private

Suppose you are going on a multi-generational outing with the grandparents and the grandkids. In that case, these camps offer you a perfect proportion of security to enjoy the camp all to yourselves.

Not exclusively will you get the opportunity to plan the day’s timetable to your inclinations, moreover you will likewise have the entire camp to yourself, giving you the most outstanding security. There will not be different visitors around meddling, and you do not require to meddle with them. If you desire to have an evening of tabletop games around the open-air fire, you can go for it; no one will say no. Is it true that you are celebrating an extraordinary event, and might you want to give an astonishment to one of the individuals from your gathering? There will be no other person participating in that. Is it true that you are on your honeymoon and would you like the most private and romantic time together? A tented camp, by definition, is a private accommodation; thus, it is set up for you and only for you.


If you desire to have such an experience during safaris in Kenya, contact Drunken Elephant Mara. They have the best camps just five minutes from Sekenani Gate. Reach them at +254 738 450 106 to book their tented safaris.

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