Book Your Safari In The Most Luxurious Lodges In Kenya

Luxury Safari

Kenya is located in East Africa and is known for its wildlife reserves, which include the Masai Mara National Reserve. You will never forget the memories you created in Kenya, especially during a visit to the Masai Mara. Not only will you see the fantastic wildlife, but also stunning landscapes and sceneries. When visiting Kenya, you cannot take the risk of missing a safari; it will be an experience of a lifetime! There are many ways to go on safari: by foot or vehicle. During your trip, you’ll get to explore everything from wildlife to landscapes—the choices are endless! However, if you’re looking for something unique while visiting Kenya on safari, consider staying in a tented camp. We all know how fun it feels to stay in a tented camp while on a safari!

Luxury Safari

Best Safari Lodges in Kenya, Masai: Come to our lodges for the ultimate safari experience.

When looking for safari tents, every visitor considers certain factors. We provide all the elements necessary for a perfect stay at a Kenyan safari lodge.

We assure you of –

  1. Good food: The food on a safari should be the best. We offer our clients the highest quality of food.
  2. Clean bathrooms: Our bathrooms are given a thorough cleaning, and we ensure that the cleanliness of the bathrooms is never compromised.
  3. Internet Connectivity: Internet connectivity is another factor you should consider while booking a safari lodge.
  4. Hot Shower: After a day of safari, you will enjoy a hot shower.

We can offer you an extraordinary safari experience at an affordable price.

Luxury Safari

For a quality stay in a quality safari lodge, choose us. We make your vacation so joyous that you’ll be going back with memories of Kenya’s safari. Drunken Elephant is Kenya’s most trusted luxury safari company. We offer exclusive Mara safari packages and have charmed visitors with our warm hospitality for years. Our expert guides are trained to anticipate your every need, ensuring you have the most unforgettable experience possible with us.

We will provide the most luxurious service, so sit back and relax.

You will stay in a luxury safari lodge while on a Kenya safari. Luxury lodges can be found throughout the country, providing comfortable accommodation and convenient amenities. Please take advantage of them when you visit Kenya and explore this stunning country’s wildlife and other attractions with us.

For more information, please call us. Reach out to us before it’s too late, and book the safari lodge that appeals to you.

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