Few best to know facts before being a part of Ek Balam private tour

Ek Balam is a delightful archeological site in the Yucatan peninsula. However, these Mayan Remains are unknown to vacationers.

Ek Balam is close to Valladolid and is en route to Rio Lagartos, a mystical spot, and a wildlife reserve.

Ek Balam merits an Ek Balam private tour so you can get to know the spot, and you can associate the visit to Ek Balam ruins with a visit to Valladolid or a visit to Rio Lagartos, both excellent sites in the Yucatan peninsula.

Before going on with what you could do on a private tour to Ek Balam, we should share some data about the Mayan site.

Archeological Site at Ek Balam

Ek Balam is a name in the Yucatecan Mayan language, shaped by the words Ek ‘, which implies black, and in certain interpretations, it signifies “bright star,”; and Balaam, and that signifies “jaguar.” It can then be interpreted as dark or a black jaguar. In any case, some Maya speakers in the locale likewise decipher it as “jaguar star.” As per the portrayal of Ek ‘Balam, written in 1579 by the assigned Juan Gutiérrez Picón, it referred that the site’s name comes from an extraordinary man called Ek Balam or Coch Cal Balam, who established and controlled it for a considerable length of time. Nonetheless, archeological proof has not furnished us with any evidence of the presence of this person. Moreover, even though the token glyph is found in stone monuments, The Hieroglyphic Serpents is referenced as the site’s name in the portrayal.

History of Ek Balam

Ek Balam, with its significant developments tucked away among enormous trees, is a site dissimilar to some other Archeological sites nearby.

Its history starts roughly from 300 B.C. until the appearance of the Spaniards. It was the capital of the Tah rulers. Individuals of the eastern piece of the state offered recognition to this capital. It included some portion of the coast, as proven by shell offerings that archeologists have found. It covered around 12 square kilometers, incorporating a sacred central space of more than 1 square kilometer where the rulers lived, safeguarded, and delimited by three walls. These had five doorways, which an equivalent number of pre-Hispanic streets or sacbes led to.

Structure at the site

It was a vibrant capital, with a populace of 12 to 18 thousand occupants in its central core. It has 45 structures encircled by two concentric stone walls, and another joins the main structures. These walls were for protective purposes and to control access. It has a ball game and an exceptionally gorgeous curve where a sacbé, which in old times associated with the Mayan realms, prompted. There are likewise stelae and the purported hieroglyphic serpents; landmarks perfectly cut in stone blocks. The designs have different engineering styles, yet some subtleties make the novel, for example, images with wings that look like heavenly messengers.

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