How to select the best safari trip to Africa

You may not have seen Born Free or Out of Africa or sung along with the Lion King in your childhood days. However, that does not make any difference to falling in love with the African wilderness. It is captivating to be in the African wilderness and watch the Big Five and other wild animals roaming in the world’s vast wilderness. Of course, a vacation in Africa is not only to be close to the wilderness. However, a trip to Africa is to intermingle with different cultures and traditions, relax at the beautiful beaches and taste the delicious local cuisines.

Africa safari tour packages:

Reputable tour operators like Entice Africa safaris make it possible for all to enjoy and explore while having comfort, safety, and guidance from responsible local guides. Safari has changed a lot from the colonial days. It is now, not having a prize for killing but has recognition for conservation. Safaris are of various types, so if you do not select wisely, you may not have the expected vacation that you desire. Here, we discuss some of the safari types which you can choose.

Safari Trip to Africa

Bush camp safaris

The choice of having a bush camp safari draws you back to those days when hunters used to spend months in the wilderness trying to locate a game to kill. If you select a bush camp safari package, it is for sure you will find yourself closest to African wilderness, and the canvas of the camp separates you from the wildlife. The camps may be permanent or temporary, luxurious, or just offering the bare necessities. However, one thing is in common, the adventure and excitement of staying out in the wild.

Lodge safaris

Suppose you desire to enjoy rustic luxury, rest on comfortable beds, have the means to soak yourself in solar-heated water, or enjoy some modern amenities. In that case, you need to pick a safari package that offers a stay in a lodge. The lodges generally offer all possible modern amenities so that you can have a relaxing vacation while staying out in the wild. It is better to stay at a lodge for at least two days so that you can explore the wilderness to your heart’s desire.

Family safaris

A family vacation in the wilderness should be on your bucket list, seeing large herds of Elephants wander across the park and the thrill of the chase on a game drive through the park such as Serengeti National Park in Tanzania or Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya will be fun for the kids. They find a practical way to revitalize the topics they have learned in their textbooks while enjoying themselves with their parents. If you book this nature of a safari package, you can stay in family-sized tents and cabins, and the guides will help your children enjoy it most.

Safaris & beach

As we told you earlier, Africa is not only wilderness. If you think that safari is a vacation where you need to stay awake at night hearing the roars of lions or fearing an attack by other wild animals and not having proper relaxation, then you are wrong. Selecting a safari package wisely, you can have the best of relaxation at many of the pristine beaches in Kenya and Zanzibar. We can arrange for everything that makes it possible for you to relax at the end of an adventurous and exciting African safari trip.

Africa Safari Tour

Tribal cultures & wildlife

Previously, safari meant exploring the wilderness. However, days have changed. Now safari can mean exploring and enjoying the tribal cultures of Africa. Renowned safari planners have packages that allow you to be in the wilderness while exploring the cultures and traditions of the Maasai tribe in Kenya and hadzabe tribe in Tanzania. In addition, you can spend a day with the local tribal people and know their way of living and learn about their culture and traditional values.

So, you can easily see that Africa offers a lot to vacationers. It is wise to be with Entice Africa Safaris as we make it possible to choose from various Africa safari tour packages we organize. Contact our safari specialists at +254 727 723 343 or +254 799 871255 to tailor-make your safari experience.