The finer details to know before trying gorilla trekking in Uganda

Uganda is a wonderland in all faculties from the powerful King Kong that roam in the impervious forest of Bwindi to chimpanzees that are our nearest cousins. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is such a completely exhilarating primate encounter that any guest on Uganda safari should not miss this major opportunity.

Let us know some fine details that will help to have the best experience.

Perfect time for gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking is possible any season in Uganda. Uganda encounters two critical seasons; the dry and wet seasons. Guests planning to travel mountain gorillas should know that gorilla trekking is an intensive encounter that can require an entire day.

The dry season is the best time for trekking gorillas in Uganda when the ground is dry. It begins in June, July, August, September, December, January, February. During the dry season, the territory is dry and makes it simpler for adventurers to climb through thick vegetation and steep slants to look for mountain gorillas.

Pack fittingly yet light

When going on to have a close encounter with the gorilla in Uganda, think about fundamental things first. However, it is best to keep your bag light.

Know your fitness

A journey to see mountain gorillas expects you to be truly fit and above all, keep up with your actual fitness before leaving on a genuine trip. The trek can last you around 2 to 6 hours and it includes climbing through the thick vegetation and steep slants while in look for mountain gorillas.

Dressing code

While thinking about what to wear during the gorilla trek, it is better if you wear eco-friendly garments. Try not to wear loud colors and in particular, have long-sleeved shirts or shirts, pants, raincoats to secure you if it rains.

Pay attention to the briefing

Before leaving on the trek, you will have a briefing from the tour organizers. Pay attention to what they say.

Behavior near the gorillas

The guides will brief you preceding your trip to guarantee you have safety and comfort and will prompt you on the best way to act when near the gorillas. For instance, if a gorilla is progressing towards you, you are to stay away from eye-to-eye connection and move gradually away.

The gorillas are wild creatures, so their conduct can be unusual. Try to keep a protected distance consistently, let them have control over interaction, and do not, ever touch them.

What to expect

The creatures are in the wild, not in a place so they could be anyplace. To guarantee your visit tour is in the correct course, professional trackers set out in the early morning to find the gorilla family and inform your guides of their area through walkie-talkies.

Astonishing Experience

There is something so humbling, so serene, so entrancing about being in closeness to these animals who could apply unbeatable power against us assuming they needed to, yet they appear to radiate a nature, similar to our own. They are 98% hereditarily indistinguishable from people. The gorillas are a portion of our nearest family members in the wild, and being in their presence is an honor.

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