The varied natures of NYC horse carriage rides to enjoy

If you desire to explore Central Park as it happened years ago, you cannot miss booking NYC horse carriage rides. It would be possible for you to visit iconic attractions like Wollman Rink, Belvedere Castle, Bethesda Fountain, and Strawberry Fields while you travel comfortably in a well-maintained carriage drawn by a healthy horse and controlled by knowledgeable drivers.

There are various natures of carriage rides you can enjoy with a reputable tour organizer. Let us know about the different tours that you can enjoy.

Varied duration of tours

A reputable family-owned business offering horse and carriage tours in Central Park makes it possible to have tours of varied duration. Their short ride is 30 to 40 minutes and is ideal for an overall view of Central Park. They also offer long rides, which are of 60 minutes duration and are perfect to have a detailed exploration of the park.

Natures of tours offered

It is not that you can only explore the park by having such a ride from them. Let us have a look at the nature of tours possible to have.


Private Carriage Tours

These tours are ideal for families, couples, and groups. The driver will narrate to you the significance of the places you visit and drive you through the scenic route in Central Park. During winter, they even offer blankets to keep you warm.

Marriage proposals

If you desire to propose to your girlfriend in Central Park, you cannot avoid booking a horse and carriage ride. You can expect to have utmost privacy when you are in the coach or when you stop to propose to your beloved. You cannot think of an ideal place than Central Park to make such a marriage proposal.

Special occasions

It is possible to customize a tour according to your desires. For example, you can celebrate a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or other while you ride on a well-maintained carriage drawn by healthy horses. You can add charm to your event by including photography, flowers, and chocolate. You can make other special requests, such as customized pickup and drop-off locations.


Tours for large groups

It is possible to arrange such tours for large groups. Reputed business organizations offer special rates making the tour an affordable affair. They will coordinate with you and work in unison to make it possible for you and your group to enjoy the most.

However, if you desire such NYC horse carriage rides from reputed organizations, it is prudent to book ahead of time and reach your pickup point ahead of time. You also need to tip your driver and offer carrots to the horse at the end of the tour.

If you desire to enjoy such horse carriage rides in NYC, look no further than Central Park Carriages. They have the best carriages and horses to offer a perfect ride. Call them at 973.722.0059 to book a tour.