What Is The Best Time To Go On An African Safari?

Africa safari tour

Are you planning an Africa safari tour? The first question many people ask is what is safari and why should I go on an African safari. Africa is a massive continent with numerous safari destinations. Numerous activities are available in Africa, ranging from that focused-on wildlife to others that are purely natural. The safari experiences you feel here vary greatly by region and season.

What is a safari?

You’ve heard about African safaris and seen photos of celebs looking glamorous on safaris in Africa. But, what is a safari? A safari is a journey. Africa is where the modern safari concept first emerged. A safari is inextricably linked to Africa, particularly East Africa!Africa is the birthplace of wildlife safari. Here is where the traditional notion of a wildlife safari originated and developed. In the broadest sense, an Africa safari tour is simply to travel. More specifically, the Africa safari holiday is a journey that involves going into nature to watch wild animals. It is different from a city holiday, beach vacation, historical tour, or cultural trip in Africa.

Africa safari tour

Different kinds of African safari tours offer a variety of ways to explore the wilderness and look for wildlife and birds. The possibilities are endless with so many specialist safaris to choose from in Africa Once you’re in the wilderness the safari truly begins. The majority of your time will be spent at the campgrounds in the untamed landscape. It brings the option to perceive the wild animals from very close.

So what exactly is an African safari?

An Africa safari tour is the most famous and sought-after type of holiday in Africa. Going on an African safari holiday is widely considered the ultimate ‘thing to do’ in Africa. Usually, a safari in Africa implies a wildlife safari in the wilderness to observe free-roaming wildlife. 

Africa safari tour

In Africa, a holiday only becomes a safari holiday when you add an element of wildlife watching in nature. Be it game viewing by 4×4 safari vehicle, Big Five safari, walking safari, horse riding safari, Photographic safari, bush safari, or camping safari to name a few.

Africa still associates safari tourism with game viewing and time spent in wilderness areas (game reserves, wildlife conservancies, and national parks). Many other activities can be included although witnessing African animals is the main goal of a typical safari. In addition to game watching and animal tracking, today’s African safaris focus on the following:

  • The experience of being in the bush (wilderness)
  • Visiting beautiful locations and natural wonders
  • Experiencing African local cultures (old and new)
  • Seeing historical sites and other places of interest
  • Giving back and supporting worthy causes 
  • Taking part in outdoor and adventurous activities 

Africa safari tour

The Africa safari tour encompasses much more than the unforgettable experience of game viewing and staying in the bush. It combines wildlife encounters with a variety of fascinating travel adventures!

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