Why stay at tented camps during a safari trip

tented camp

There is something mysteriously supernatural about staying in a tented camp when on safari. Rather than being closed away behind brick and glass, you can enjoy the gleam of lamplight on canvas dividers and float off to rest to the hints of the encompassing immaculate nature. Furthermore, if your concept of remaining in a tent means improvising in a splendidly shaded, polyester ‘arch’, you are in for a great treat. Just near Masai Mara National Reserve, you can stay in tents that offer a gentler sort of experience with all the solace and the amenities you would like to have during a safari.

Tent possible to rent by anyone

Staying in a tent camp causes you to feel more of a piece of your natural surroundings. Nothing else gives you that “Out of Africa” feel while resting under canvas. The whole way across East Africa, especially in Masai Mara there are tent camps to suit all preferences and spending plans. By staying at the tent camps in Masai Mara you not only have access to the Great Wildebeest Migration but also to the many bird species present at the camp as well as the Maasai Mara Reserve.

How about we explore a portion of the reasons why it is best to stay at such a luxury tented camp and awaken to only the wilderness surrounding you.


For the individuals who need a safari in a portion of the continent’s best areas, without every one of the fancy odds and ends, there are tented camps that fit the bill. They give agreeable convenience yet let the untamed life sparkle.

Common luxuries

For those out there who need somewhat more of the common luxuries, there is no deficiency of choices. Right across Masai Mara, there are luxurious tents that offer genuine solace under canvas.

Sheer Indulgence

Whether it is to praise an exceptional event, your safari desire, your desire to be close to nature, or basically because simply the best will do, there is a determination of extremely selective tented camps around Masai Mara.

Experience fantastic service in a distant area

Tented camps prevalently highlight tents fitted with luxurious beds, a side table and a gaslight. Magnificently private and superbly selective, these tents exemplify the wild submersion of an African safari and take care of every aspect of comfort to guests.

A typical dining tent or comfortable seating around a central fire, these elements gather together your versatile tent experience. The administration is mindful yet attentive, permitting a gathering to appreciate their current circumstance with the restricted human association. You can feel the closeness of nature while you have comfort and safety.

Drunken Elephant Mara has such a tented camp near Masai Mara National Reserve. If you are trying to stay in the tents near Masai Mara, look no further than their small friendly luxury tented camp. You can hear roars of lions and laughs of hyenas as they come into the camp in the wee hours of the night. Reach them at +254 738 450 106 to book your tent.