Why you might prefer staying in a Kenyan tented camp

Tented Camps

With countless properties and regions to choose from on safari, some consider a couple of days spent at tented camps in Kenya an indispensable encounter. Good luxury under canvas, set in remote and idyllic areas on safari, would best portray a tented camp in Kenya.

Moving forward from a safari lodge and more lavish than a mobile camp, this degree of convenience stands apart as exceptional and perfect. Generally based on a solid foundation, maybe strong walls, the high-roof, extensive stayed tents present an alternate perspective to the encompassing bush and are a popular decision with safari-goers.

Tented Camps

Appreciate Unique Design and Architecture

Frequently known as “glamping,” a tented camp should not be mistaken for the traditional idea of camping. They are open yet dainty and emanate with luxury and passion. Tented camps range from strong partial walls with canvas roofing and back to all-canvas. The last option offers a more negligible meddling effect on the climate; the thin walls give an unerring inundation.

Enjoy a Classy Luxury

Tented camps take luxury to a higher level. From tones and textures used to little touches and meticulousness, venturing into your tent can be very much like venturing into a fantasy. A few tents even have private dive pools and private sitting regions with a daybed impeccably situated overlooking an open plan or closed-off hedge region, signifying utter confidentiality. Some are solar powdered, others have electricity, but more with lamps and gaslights to light the way.

Tented Camps

Camps take special care of a predetermined number of visitors, typically having somewhere close to four and 20 individual tents. The camps remain exceptionally placed and situated to offer uninterrupted perspectives. You will find a central dining and meeting region at the camp’s core, frequently with an open-air fire pit where visitors gather at night. There is closeness and isolation here, with guards rapidly learning visitors’ names and adding numerous individual touches to a visitor’s experience.

Submerge Yourself in the Bush

Tented camps enhance the wildlife experience, situated in perfect areas of the national reserves in Kenya. The accentuation is on isolation and boosting the submersion in a climate. This may be overlooking a permanent water source, concealed in a valley, or tucked on the edge of a forest. Generally speaking, the camp will be away from customary paths through the park and different camps.

Tented Camps

Around evening time, the sound of animals possibly brushing against the canvas can be exciting. Awaken, open the tent, and there’s often something to watch at surprising closeness, wildlife meandering through the camp, benefiting from the grass that encompasses the tents. Following a day on safari, this can give a permanent compliment, agreeable and quiet yet keeping up with the impression of nature.

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