Best Thing about African safari package 2022

Do you want optimum vacation deals in the dusty African haze? Do you wish to admire the wondrous animals freely roaming in their natural habitat in any of the safari destinations in Africa? Then, the well-planned African safari package 2022 puts you at the center stage and explores the grand, glamourous, unabashedly luxurious safaris at your own pace.

The continent of Africa is all about wildlife, and it is heaven, especially for safari lovers! Entice Africa Safaris invites you to this fascinating journey of self-discovery and embark on a remarkable African Safari experience. They offer an exceptional African safari package 2022 based on your specific need, place of interest to explore, and budget. They let you enjoy the endless wilderness of spectacular wildlife and timeless wasteland with their local guide assistance.

Being the leading safari operator, Entice Africa Safaris promises to get you to the best of African safari and holiday destinations, during the proper seasons and at the right price. Still, you have questions in your mind! So, let’s check why you consider Entice Africa Safaris as your partner for your upcoming safari and why their African safari package 2022 is the best for you or your group!

Offer 100% tailor-made African safari package 2022
• Your entire vacation is designed around your specific need, preference, availability of time, and budget
• Allow the opportunity to explore your place of interest at your own pace
• Allow you to decide the preferred style accommodations for your staying, lodging, and camping
• Specialist assistance to create the perfect safari package for your upcoming safari trip in 2022

Expert knowledge
• Most of the employees engaged in the process are specialists and travelled extensively trough the safari destinations.
• Please make the most contented African safari package while including their specialist regions.
• Expert knowledge to handle your journey from beginning to end
• Offer numerous things to do & explore to make the most of your time and budget while in Africa.

The best guides
• Expert & experienced local guides can transform the simple safari trip into a wondrous journey. You can feel the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one.
• Hand-picked travel itinerary by the expert team
• Partnering with several best companies for camping or lodging or staying or moving
• Offering more than what they promise
• Dedication to offering genuine insight into the African safari destinations & the country
• 24/7 support and make you feel safe throughout your journey and accommodate any emergency support while abroad

Top Safari destinations to discover
• Kenya- Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East National Park, Tsavo West National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Samburu National Reserve.
• Rwanda: Volcanoes National Park &Akagera National Park
• Tanzania: The northern safari circuit, Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro crater.
• Uganda: Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Kabale National Park, and Lake Bunyonyi.

This highlights a few major parks and reserves; conservancies, sanctuaries, and attractions are home to a significant population of wildlife species. The prominent wildlife you will find in such parks and conservancies are the big five Lions, leopards, the African Elephants, Buffalos and Rhinoceros, primates such as gorillas, and chimpanzees, and abundance of birdlife. The safari package also gives you a chance to see some of the most endangered wildlife species on the planet! Some of them are white rhino, lesser kudu, Thomson’s gazelle, and black rhino.

The best way to have a quality African safari package 2022 is to consult a reliable, reputable & registered safari operator based in Kenya, such as Entice Africa Safaris. They have been organizing several safaris in different parts of East Africa for years and offer you the best African safari package 2022 for both local & global travelers. Therefore, you can expect to have one of the most demanded African safari packages for your upcoming safari in 2022 by getting in touch with Entice Africa Safaris at+254 727 723 343 | +254 799 871255 today!

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