How to have a wonderful time on an African safari in Kenya

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If you think you know all about African wilderness by watching Big Cat Diary or through David Attenborough, you are in for a surprise. Irrespective of how many wildlife documentaries you have seen, nothing will prepare you for the actual thing you will witness during an African safari in Kenya organized by reputed local tour operators.

How are safaris now

The entire concept of safaris has changed with the passage of time. Gone are the days of the hunters. You will not see guns but notice cameras in place. Moreover, ecotourism is the buss word making it possible to have a gentler but no less electrifying and adventurous introduction to the last place on the planet where wildlife is genuine in its old abundance.

African Safari

Where in Kenya to be to enjoy an adventurous safari 

The most popular safari destination in Kenya is Masai Mara National Reserve. It is where the shooting on Big Cat Diary happened. It is also the ideal place to have the closest encounters with lions, cheetahs and leopards. You can be there between July and October to witness the wildebeest migration, the biggest wildlife show on the planet. The dry country reserves of Northern Kenya are pretty different from Masai Mara. If you desire to be close to elephants, it is wise to be at Samburu. Meru is famous for being the home of Elsa of Born Free.

On the other hand, Lake Nakuru is renowned for the flamingos and rhinos. The reserve of Tsavo is so that it is divided into two parts. So it is good to combine a visit to the Indian Ocean coast when you visit East and West Tsavo. However, do not forget to visit Laikipia, Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills.

African Safari

The ideal time to visit Kenya

The best time to be on a Kenya vacation is during the dry season, between June to October. However, it will be winter than in Africa, and you will require warm clothes for being part of early morning safari drives. Therefore, it is best to avoid April and May, as it rains much.

Be there between July and October if you want to watch the wildebeest migration. The herd of animals cross and recross the Mara River during this period. Watching the wildebeest migration is an adventure and excitement you cannot have in any other safari expedition. You will surely notice the ideal example of the survival of the fittest and the journey between life and death.

African Safari

How to have the best safari experience 

To have the best safari experience, the foremost thing you need to do is to be with a reputed local tour operator. You also must follow specific rules like always listening to guides, zipping your tent and not taking any food inside, and during safaris, do not make noise. Moreover, it is best to stay inside the vehicle and not to venture out without the permission of the guide, do not run and mess with baboons. 

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