Why be in Kenya for an ultimate safari experience

Safaris in Kenya continuously rank in the top 3 destinations for safari-lovers going to Africa. It is pretty easy to understand why it is such. When you are in Kenya in particular, you can expect to have prime game viewing, witness wildlife in the incredible Masai Mara, stay at luxury lodges, enjoy and relax at stunning beaches and view the famous Mount Kenya. If you desire to have such an experience, it is wise to be a part of Kenya lodge safaris organized by reputed local tour operators.

Best time to be in Kenya 

The ideal time to be in Kenya is from July to September. It is during the dry season, which also overlaps with the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra. However, the rainy seasons are also ideal times to travel, as you will not have to encounter crowds of visitors, and you can appreciate the unique emerald vegetation.

Why be in Kenya for a safari experience 

Kenya is well-known as a quality destination for viewing the Big 5, staying at luxury lodges, and enjoying adventurous safari tours at Masai Mara safari and Amboseli National Reserve. It is also possible to enjoy and relax at the incredible Kenya beaches.

If you travel to the east of this extensive valley, you can trek on the slopes of Mount Kenya and fish trout in the clear streams.

If you are in Hell’s Gate National Park, you can enjoy being at the obsidian caves and listening to the hisses of the natural geysers and hot springs. However, if you desire to experience the romantic side of Kenya, it is better to head to Nairobi. The capital city is the gateway to the most reminiscent and thrilling travel destinations.

As a vacationer, you have the choice to stay in lodges, chalets or campsites. The luxurious facilities available in the lodges you stay in during Kenya lodge safaris are nothing less than those you can enjoy at a five-star hotel. You can have a safe and comfortable stay at these lodges and enjoy.

The diversity of wildlife in Kenya also makes it the ideal place to enjoy a safari vacation. Not only animals, but the country also gives you ample opportunities to witness various birds. One can also watch about 1100 bird species without any particular effort from their side.

There are 24 national parks, 15 national reserves, six marine parks and some private conservancies in Kenya. So, when you are there, you will never feel you fall short of places to visit.

Another reason for visiting Kenya for a safari is the presence of reputable tour operators. Many local tour operators can organize the best safari tours and even organize those according to your budget and desires.

One such tour operator of repute is ENTICE AFRICA SAFARIS LTD. They have the ability to organize the best safari. After discussing with you, they plan the safari schedule and customize the itinerary according to your desires. They started their journey in 2014, and from then, they have been a preferred tour operator for many. Call them at +254 799 871255 to plan your Kenya lodge safaris.